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Thursday, 19th July: Bowdon lost 5-13 away at Chester Centurians (NWF Level-Play GC League)

Alan Mayne (Capt.)

Colin Irwin

David Holland
Alan won 2 games
Colin won 3 games David won 0 games

Monday, 23rd July: Bowdon Earls lost 3-4 at home to Southport (NWF Midweek League)

  Mike Shelmerdine (Capt.)

Barry McKenzie

John Lucas

Keith Brewster
Mike Shelmerdine (7) beat Ian Goulden (18) +1T
Barry McKenzie (7) lost to Derek Lunt (22) -9T
John Lucas (3) & Keith Brewster (20) beat
John Haslam (1) & Peter Williams (22) +3
Mike lost to Derek -23
Barry lost to Ian -5T
John L lost to John H -19
Keith beat Peter +3