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Wednesday, 11th July: Bowdon Earls visited Bury and won 5-2 (NWF Midweek League)

Alan Mayne (Capt.)

Kay Martin

Andrew Kenyon

Keith Brewster
Alan Mayne (0) & Kay Martin (9) lost to
Barbara Young (7) & Margaret Eccles (12) -2T
Andrew Kenyon (14) beat Roger Schofield (2) +8
Keith Brewster (22) beat Tony Philips (3) +17
Alan beat Roger +8
Kay beat Tony +3
Andrew lost to Barbara -18
Keith beat Margaret +4

Thursday, 12th July: Bowdon Griffins lost 2-5 away at Pendle & Craven (NWF Midweek League)

Carol Steinberg (Capt.)

Chris Evans

Geoffery Hunt

Sue Cooper
Chris Evans (10) & Carol Steinberg (14) beat
Robert Essler (1) & Robin Delves (12) +9T
Geoffrey Hunt (14) lost to Paul Dowdall (8) -11
Sue Cooper (18) lost to Garry Wilson (9) -12
Carol lost to Paul -21
Chris lost to Robert -6
Geoffrey lost to Garry -1T
Sue beat Robin +6T

Thursday, 12th July: Bowdon went to Chester but lost 1-6 (CA Mary Rose Tournament)

Francois Garcia (Capt.)

Will Mellor

Mike Steer

Sylvia Steer
Francois Garcia (2) & Will Mellor (4) lost to
Mark Lloyd (0) & Jerry Guest (2) -3T
Mike Steer (5) lost to John Dawson (4) -6
Sylvia Steer (6) lost to David Boyd (6) -7
Francois beat Mark +2T
Will lost to Jerry -9
Mike lost to David -1T
Sylvia lost to John -12
The team all tried very hard but the tricky lawns at Chester were very hard to master, going in to lunch 3-0 down. In the afternoon, Francois had a great win but, again, the lawns eluded our players along with the hot and humid weather.

Saturday, 14th July: Bowdon St.Mary's won 4-3 at Bury Peelers (NWF Handicap League)

Alan Mayne (Capt.)

Kay Martin

Graham Abraham

Leo Fletcher
Alan Mayne (0) & Kay Martin (9) beat
Barbara Young (7) & Margaret anderton (11) +4T
Graham Abraham (5) lost to Paul Kenworthy (1) -17
Leo Fletcher (14) beat Malcolm Daines (5) +11
Alan lost to Paul -2
Kay beat Barbara +8
Graham beat Malcolm +8
Leo lost to Margaret -18

Sunday, 15th July: Bowdon Firs lost 2-5 at home to Crake Valley (NWF Handicap League)

Steve Reynolds

Lorna Frost

Chris Evans

Pauline Hennell
Steve Reynolds (11) & Lorna Frost (11) lost to
Jim Alcock (5) & Simon Robins (12) -1T
Chris Evans (10) lost to David Williamson (20) -5T
Pauline Hennell (16) beat David Lloyd (4) +1T
Steve lost to Simon -4T
Lorna lost to Jim -1T
Chris beat David L +8T
Pauline lost to David W -2T

Sunday, 15th July: Bowdon won 3-2 at Chester (NWF B-Level Advanced League)

Charles Harding (Capt.)

Graham Abraham

Francois Garcia
Charles Harding (2) & Graham Abraham (5) beat
Jerry Guest (2) & Robin Tasker (8) +1T
Francois Garcia (2) beat David Boyd (5) +4
Charles lost to David -16
Graham lost to Robin -14
Francois beat Jerry +11