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Thursday, 14th June: Bowdon won 13-5 away at Southport (NWF Level-Play GC League)

Alan Mayne (Capt.)

Graham Good

Barry Keen

Alan won 6 out of 6 games
Graham won 4 out of 6 games Barry won 3 out of 6 games

Friday, 15th June: Bowdon Griffins lost 3-4 at home to Bury (NWF Midweek Handicap League)

Carol Steinberg (Capt.)

Chris Evans

Barry Keen

Sue Cooper

Carol Steinberg (14) & Chris Evans (10)
lost to Barbara Young (7) & Margaret Eccles (12) -7T
Barry Keen (5) lost to Richard Harvey (14) -8
Sue Cooper (18) beat Roger Schofield (2) +10
Carol beat to Margaret +19
Chris lost to Barbara -4T
Barry beat Roger +18
Sue lost to Richard -1T

Saturday, 16th June: Bowdon Bears match away at Southport has been postponed until Saturday, 28th July (NWF Short League)

Richard Saul (Capt.)

Nan Saul

Sue Lucas

Margaret Moss

Saturday, 16th June: Bowdon Cubs won 9-7 away at Fylde (NWF Short League)

Graham Good (Capt.)

Jack Good
(aka little Graham Good)

Hilary Kenny

Jackie Davies

Sunday, 17th June: Bowdon Firs won 6-1 at home to Fylde (NWF Handicap League)

Lorna Frost (Capt.)

Cas Sinclair

Will Mellor

John Lucas
Lorna Frost (11) & Carol Sinclair (18) lost to
Lee Hartley (-1) & Ian Theakstone (9) -1T
Will Mellor (4) beat Catherine Bass (24) +11
John Lucas (3) beat Philip Bass (18) +10
Lorna beat Philip +8
Cas beat Catherine +5T
Will beat Ian +13
John beat Lee +26

Firs convincingly gained their first win of the season!

Monday, 18th June: Bowdon won 4-3 at home to Woking (National CA Inter-Club Tournament)

Colin Irwin

Ken Cooer

Martin Granger Brown

Brian Kerr
Colin Irwin (-1) & Ken Cooper (-1) beat
Jeff Dawson (-2) & Mike Town (-1) +16
Martin Granger Brwon (1) beat Alan Edwards (1) +14
Brian Kerr (2) lost to Nick Harvey (1) -17
Colin lost to Mike -15
Ken lost to Jeff -26tp
Martin beat Nick +8
Brian beat Alan +9
A great win for Bowdon, being 1-3 down at one point, now to play Cheltenham or Bristol in the Semi-Final