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Over the weekend of 9th - 10th June, the club played host to the international teams of England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland as they played each other in the Home Internationals. Included in the teams were 2 of our club members: David Walters (Wales) & David Maugham (England).

England were the eventual winners and the England captain, David Maugham, was presented with the Home International Trophy.

Scores of the individual matches can be found here

Spectators enjoying the games and the sunshine!

Games in play

Simon Williams (Ireland)

Duncan Reeve (Scotland)

Chris Williams (Wales)

Mark Suter (England)

Ian Burridge (Wales)

Alain Giraud (England)

Jane Morrison (Ireland)

Sam Murray (Scotland)

Peter Moore (Ireland)

David Walters (Wales)

Miranda Chapman (England)

Garry McElwain (Wales)

David Maugham (England)

Jonathan Kirby (Scotland)

Danny Johnston (Ireland)

Evan Newell (Ireland)

What's this - an Irishman helping a Scotsman with a cannon?

David Walters was delayed from playing his next shot because of the widlife!

Helpers in the kitchen
Pictures courtesy of John Lucas