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Saturday 5th May to Monday 7th May
The early May Bank Holiday saw the first of our 6 CA tournaments to be held at the club this year, lasting 3 days.

Cas Sinclair wins the Reed Cup

Club President Colin Irwin presents Cas with her winner's trophy

Runner-up: Jerry Guest

Egyptian Winner: Carol Steinberg

Results Day 3:
John Knowles bt. Alan Jones +20
Sue Cooper bt. Barry Keen +4
Brian Storey bt. Chris Evans +4
Steve Reynolds bt. Peter Hallett +13T
Ken Cooper bt. Tim Dennis +2T
Carol Steinberg beat John Knowles +2T
Barry McKenzie bt. Steve Reynolds +1T
Tim Dennis bt. Barry Keen +1T
Chris Evans bt. Ken Cooper +10
Peter Hallett bt. Brian Storey +14
Sue Cooper bt. Alan Jones +17
Jerry Guest bt. Barry McKenzie +12
Cas Sinclair bt. Carol Steinberg +3T
Cas Sinclair bt. Jerry Guest +26
Handicap Changes:
Cas Sinclair 22 to 18
Jerry Guest 3 to 2.5
Tim Dennis 3 to 3.5

Cas Sinclair
Results Day 1:
Steve Reynolds bt. Chris Evans +8T
John Knowles bt. Barry Keen +14
Tim Dennis bt. Brian Storey +11
Sue Cooper bt. Alan Jones +4T
Jerry Guest bt. Barry McKenzie +10
Ken Cooper bt. Cas Sincair +5
Carol Steinberg bt. Peter Hallett +11T
Peter Hallett bt. Barry McKenzie +6
Jerry Guest bt. Ken Cooper +26
Cas Sinclair bt. Chris Evans +7T
Carol Steinberg bt. Tim Dennis +20T
Steve Reynolds bt. John Knowles +14
Barry McKenzie bt. Sue Cooper +2T
Brian Storey bt. Alan Jones +14
Barry Keen bt. Alan Jones +16
John Knowles bt. Brian Storey +13
Steve Reynolds bt. Jerry Guest +1T
Carol Steinberg bt. Barry McKenzie +5T
Chris Evans bt. Sue Cooper +7T
Cas Sinclair bt. Tim Dennis +18
Ken Cooper bt. Alan Jones +5
Results Day 2:
Cas Sinclair bt. Peter Hallett +11T
Carol Steinberg bt. Steve Reynolds +7T
Alan Jones bt. Chris Evans +8T
Sue Cooper bt. Tim Dennis +16T
Barry McKenzie bt. Ken Cooper +26
Barry Keen bt. Brian Storey +10
Jerry Guest bt. John Knowles +6
Barry Keen bt. Barry McKenzie +17
Alan Jones bt. Tim Dennis +20
Brian Storey bt. Sue Cooper +13
Jerry Guest bt. Carol Steinberg +10
John Knowles bt. Ken Cooper +25
Cas Sincair bt. Steve Reynolds +9T
Peter Hallett bt. Chris Evans +1T
Ken Cooper bt. Barry Keen +4
John Knowles bt. Tim Dennis +11
Alan Jones bt. Barry Keen +14

Lawns 1 & 2...

... on a lovely sunny day

John Knowles contemplating

Alan Jones

Carol Steinberg

Brian Storey

Jerry Guest

Tim Dennis

Ken Cooper

Cas Sinclair

Barry McKenzie

Sue Cooper

Chris Evans

John Knowles

Steve Reynolds

Peter Hallett

Barry Keen

Kay & Alan preparing lunch

Pauline & Hilary preparing tea


14 competitors entered, including 10 Bowdon club members ready to do battle:

Ken Cooper (-1)

Sue Cooper (18)

Chris Evans (10)

Peter Hallett (12)

Barry Keen (5)

Barry McKenzie (9)

Steve Reynolds (9)

Cas Sinclair (22/20)

Carol Steinberg (16)

Brian Storey (-1)

The others taking part were: Tim Dennis (Kingston Maurward), Jerry Guest (Chester/Surbiton), Alan Jones (East Dorset), and John Knowles (Church Stretton). Manager for the event was Lorna Frost.

The top 4 players contested the semi-finals, provided that they had played at least 5 Egyptian matches.

Play started promptly at 9.30am each day and 5 minutes of practise time was allowed beforehand on the lawn allocated for a player's match.

(Pictures courtesy of John Lucas)

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