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Bowdon beat Fylde 11-5 in the NWF Short Croquet League on Sunday 16th July at Bowdon
The team was:

John Haworth
Sue Lucas
Richard Saul
Pauline Hennell
The results were:
John (15) beat Philip Bass (7) 14-6
John beat Ken Harper (7) 14-5
John lost to Alan Morton (4) 6-14
John lost to Ian Theakstone (2.5) 6-14
Sue (9) beat Alan 14-2
Sue beat Ian 14-8
Sue beat Philip 11-9
Sue lost to Ken 7-14
Richard (7) beat Ian 14-6
Richard lost to Alan 11-14
Richard lost to Ken 7-14
Richard beat Philip 14-8

Pauline (6) beat Ken 14-8
Pauline beat Philip 14-7
Pauline beat Ian 14-10
Pauline beat Alan 11-2

Bowdon lost to Fylde 0-5 in the NWF B-Advanced League on Sunday 16th July at Fylde.
Report by John Lucas:
Three brave Bowdon players set off under clouds at Bowdon and arrived in a very pleasant Blackpool. The weather got better as it went on and was very warm and sunny in the afternoon. We had a lovely lunch served al fresco, both prepared and served by the charming Liz Wilson. However the croquet was less pleasing for us. The Fylde team had a total handicap of 6, the Bowdon total handicap was 18. Despite the general flatness of the lawns it proved to be quite an uphill struggle for all the Bowdon players. We enjoyed our day out and the super welcome that we got from the Fylde club members. Andy Brandwood of Fylde had a reduction in his handicap to 1.5 after his wins.
The team was:

John Lucas
Barry McKenzie
Graham Abraham
The results were:
John (4) & Barry (7) lost to Peter Wilson (0.5) & Nathan Baker (3.5) -13
Graham (7) lost to Andy Brandwood (2) -21
John lost to Peter -13
Barry lost to Andy -25
Graham lost to Nathan -23

The teams enjoying lunch. Players (left to right) Peter, Nathan, Andy, Barry, John, Graham.

Photo courtesy of Liz Wilson of Fylde