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Saturday, 27th May: Bowdon St.Mary's won 4-3 away at Bury Caesars (NWF Handicap League):

David Holland (Capt.)

Leo Fletcher

Adrian Apps

Ros Pimlott
Morning Session:

Dave Holland & Leo Fletcher lost to
Tony Phillips (2) & Anne Arley (24) -8T

Adrian Apps beat Vi Richards (22)  +1T

Ros Pimlott beat Richard Harvey (14) +5T

Afternoon Session:

Dave lost to Tony -10

Leo lost to Anne -5T 

Adrian beat Richard +19

Ros beat Vi +4T

Saturday, 27th May: Bowdon Short team won 9-7 at Southport (NWF Short League):

John Haworth (Capt.) (6)

Brian Rust (9)

Margaret Moss (10)

Jacky Davies (10)
(in her first Short team club match)
- beat Pauline Rooney (8) 14-4
- beat Derek 14-11
- beat Di 14-2
- beat John 14-7
- lost to Derek Lunt (9) 4-14
- lost to Paulien 3-14
 - beat John 14-9
- beat Di 9-5T
- beat John Haslam (1) 14-1
- lost to Di 7-13T
- beat Derek 10-9T
- lost to Pauline 9-14
- beat Di Williamson (3) 14-6
- lost to John 10-14
- lost to Pauline 6-9T
- lost to derek 11-14

Sunday, 28th May: Bowdon B-Advanced team lost 1-4 at home to Chester (NWF B-Advanced League):

Barry Keen (Capt.)

John Lucas

Tony Hudson

John Lucas(4) & Barry Keen(4.5) lost to Elmyr Hughes(1) & Derek Guyler(5)
Tony Hudson(3) lost to Jerry Guest(2)

Tony Hudson lost to Elmyr Hughes
John Lucas beat Jerry Guest
Barry Keen lost to Derek Guyler