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Bowdon Bandits beat Bowdon Sinners 13-5 at home on Thursday 27th April in the NWF Level Play Golf League
The teams were:
Bowdon Bandits Bowdon Sinners

Barry Keen
Ken Cooper
Graham Good

Ros Pimlott
Chris Evans
Frank Moir
Bowdon Bandits' wins:
- Ken beat Ros 7-2, 7-5; Chris 7-1, 7-5; Frank 7-3
- Graham beat Ros 7-5, 7-3; Chris 7-1, 7-2
- Barry beat Frank 7-6; Chris 7-4; Ros 7-5, 7-4

Bowdon Sinners' wins:
- Frank beat Graham 7-4, 7-6; Ken 7-5; Barry 7-2
- Chris beat Barry 7-6
Bowdon lost at home 9 - 8 to Chester on Monday 24th April in the NWF Handicap Golf League
The team was:

Barry Keen
Carol Kelsall Jacky Davies
Alison Court

Bowdon won both doubles
            Singles:  Barry won 3, Jacky won 2, Alison won 1

Bowdon Firs lost to Bowdon St Mary's 5 games to 2 on Sunday 23rd April in the NWF Handicap League
In the morning
Cas (22) & Lorna (9) lost to Ros (14) & Jo (20) -15
Janet (9) lost to David (5) -17       Chris (11) lost to Adrian (9) -8T
In the afternoon
Lorna lost to David -8         Janet lost to Adrian -6T
Chris beat Ros +9T       Cas beat Jo +18

The teams were:
Bowdon Firs

Lorna Frost Janet Guthrie Carol Sinclair Chris Evans

Bowdon St Mary's

Ros Pimlott
David Holland
Adrian Apps
Jo Pierpoint

Bowdon Griffins managed to beat Bowdon Earls 4 games to 3 on Friday 21st April in a close and keenly contested match. Each Griffin wan a game except Cas who won two. Mike had a good day for Earls, winning both his games, including an innings of 12 hoops without needing a bisque.
Lorna (9) & Cas (20) beat Barry (7) & John (14) +10T
Chris (11) beat Andrew (11) +6T     Carol (16) lost to Mike (11) -11
Lorna lost to Barry -5T     Chris lost to Mike -11
Cas beat John +13T            Carol beat Andrew +4T

The teams were:
Bowdon Griffins
Carol Steinberg
Carol Sinclair
Chris Evans
Lorna Frost

Bowdon Earls

Barry McKenzie
Mike Shelmerdine
Andrew Thomson
John Haworth