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BOWDON CROQUET CLUB A.G.M., 14th November 2015.

53 club members attended the AGM of the club, held at the club house at 11:00am on Saturday 14th November 2015.

Hon. Treasurer, Barry McKenzie, reported that the club overspent its budget this year, mainly because of the hire of consultants to challenge the proposed replacement of the Jubilee Rooms; he was also disappointed with the revenue from bar takings. Full club subscriptions will be raised by 10 in line with inflation; all other categories will raise proportionately, except Junior, which will be free of charge.

A change to the Club Rules was passed, after much discussion, relating to the election of honorary officers and committee members to bring them in line with the rules of most other clubs. The abiity to directly elect such members without some form of prior notification was potentionally detrimental to the smooth running of the club.

The presentation of club competition trophies brought the meeting to a close.

Top table committee members

Club competition trophies

A Class winner: David Walters

B Class winner: Barry Keen (who was unable to attend)

C Class winner: Graham Good

E Class winner: John Haworth

14pt. Advanced winner: David Walters

Silver Box winner: Brian Storey

Silver Plate winner: Will Mellor

Short winner: Adam Swinton (who was unable to attend)

Novices winner: Richard Saul

Poppy Roquet winner: Ken Cooper

Handicap Doubles winners: Lorna Frost & Pauline Hennell
(the first time since 1968 that an all-ladies team has won)
Golf winner is still to be determined: Graham Good/Barry Keen v. Peter Hallett
D Class winner is still to be determined: Bob Hunter v. Graham Abraham

14pt. Handicap winner: Chris Evans (but the result came too late for presntation at the AGM)
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